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SERPs - State Earnings Related Pension Scheme Information on SERPS (State Earnings Related Pension Scheme). Read More


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About Find My Pensions
Find My Pensions is a group of experienced financial consultants who can help reunite people with their lost or missing pension funds.

Completely free pension tracing service
Find My Pensions can make use of Government-backed resources made available to help people find out about their pensions. That’s how we are able to provide our pension-tracking service free of charge.

Seeking financial advice
We are a Pension Tracing service specialising in tracking down old or lost Retirement benefits. Our Specialist Independent Financial Advisors will prepare a full report detailing all your Pension plans and offer recommendations to provide you with the most appropriate advice.  
Start the search for your missing pension funds today
Don’t let your money go to waste in a forgotten pension scheme. The funds we uncover could open the door to a whole new retirement for you. Contact us now, fill in our enquiry form.



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